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CBS PhD Candidate Begins Fellowship with the American Institute of Physics

Samantha Thompson, a PhD candidate in History and Philosophy of Science at the …

ASU-Leuphana Global Classroom Comes to a Triumphant Conclusion

Global classroom ends with final lessons on interdisciplinarity and working across cultures.

MBL History Project Enters Third Year, Expands in New Directions

Brown University Royce Fellow and biodiversity are among this year’s big news at the MBL History Project.

Graduate Students Form a Tradition of Civic Leadership

For students in the Center for Biology and Society (CBS), civic leadership is quickly becoming a tradition.  

Annual History of Biology Seminar hosted at the Marine Biological Laboratory

The 27th annual MBL-ASU History of Biology seminar occurred in Woods Hole May 13-20,…

CBS Faculty Pyne & Minteer discuss conservation in the "Age of Humans"

Today many environmental scientists, historians, philosophers, journalists, activists, and land managers are wrestling over the future of nature preservation in the “Anthropocene.”   A…

Biology & Society Students Won Big in Spring 2015

Biology and Society students won big awards this semester, from places like the Fulbright U.S.

Spring 2015 Biology & Society Defenses

Congratulations to all the Biology & Society students who defended their research in the Spring of 2015!


Stay connected with CBS on Social Media

Did you know that The Center for Biology and Society, along with our affiliated projects, is on social media?

Stay connected with CBS graduate students through Facebook…

Editor at Slate Shares Science Communication Tips with CBS Graduate Students

Communicating science, along with its political and technological implications, to a public audience, is an emphasis of many CBS graduate students’ education.

Give a Gift to Impact Biology and Society Students: Sun Devil Giving Day March 19

ASU Sun Devil Giving Day and your chance to make a difference for Biology and Society students.

CBS and Barrett, the Honors College send students to AAAS, 2015

A group of ASU students impressed the judges at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2015.

Embryo Project showcased History of Science at Night of the Open Door 2015

Spin the wheel and name the embryo, or build your own model embryo.

CBS Professors and Students Showcase New Methods for Understanding Innovation at AAAS 2015

New computational methods are changing our understanding of how and why innovation occurs in science and society.

Distinguished Professor Returns to CBS to Teach Course on Scientific Revolution

The scientific revolution is one of the most interesting and challenging periods in the history of science for students to learn, and nobody teaches it better than emeritus professor at ASU…

Bioethics Breakfast Club back for the Spring Semester

From whole genome sequencing to three-person babies, this club addresses how ethics intersects with biology and medicine.

CBS graduate student Marci Baranski first to earn PhD from 4E Track

The history of Indian wheat agriculture unites science and society.