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Nathaniel Ross named U.S. Rhodes Scholar for 2023

The newest cohort of Rhodes Scholars was announced Saturday. This year’s class of 32 students from the United States was selected from 840 candidates endorsed by 244 different colleges. The 2023 class of scholars will begin their studies at the University of Oxford next October, joining scholarship recipients from more than 60 other countries.

The Rhodes Scholarship, a prestigious scholarship covering all selected students' expenses for two to three years of studying at the University of Oxford, will give Nathaniel Ross the opportunity to build a foundation for a career in disability policy.

On Nov. 12, Ross, a senior, was named one of 32 American recipients of the scholarship and is also the first American student to receive the award at ASU in over 20 years. 

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  • Nathaniel M.R. Rossa senior at Arizona State University, is completing four majors: B.S. degrees in Biological Sciences, Applied Quantitative Science, and Political Science, and a B.A. degree in history. A disability rights advocate, Nathaniel was the youngest person to qualify for the ballot in city history when he ran for a seat on the Mesa City Council.

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