PhD Student Elizabeth Barnes is a ‘Difference Maker’
June 22, 2015

She followed an untraditional path. Now she’s determined to make a difference.

ASU-Leuphana Global Classroom Comes to a Triumphant Conclusion
June 8, 2015

Global classroom ends with final lessons on interdisciplinarity and working across cultures.

ASU Graduate researchers for the MBL History Project
MBL History Project Enters Third Year, Expands in New Directions
June 5, 2015

Brown University Royce Fellow and biodiversity are among this year’s big news at the MBL History Project.

Graduate Students Form a Tradition of Civic Leadership
June 3, 2015

For students in the Center for Biology and Society (CBS), civic leadership is quickly becoming a tradition.

Annual History of Biology Seminar hosted at the Marine Biological Laboratory
May 28, 2015

The 27th annual MBL-ASU History of Biology seminar occurred in Woods Hole May 13-20, 2015.

Faculty & Grads present on Friday Science panels at Phoenix Comicon
June 17, 2015

CBS Faculty & grads talk climate change, evolution, and who is a prophet of science at Phoenix Comicon 2015

CBS Faculty Pyne & Minteer discuss conservation in the "Age of Humans"
May 15, 2015

Is the Earth now spinning through the “Age of Humans?” More than a few scientists think so.

Biology & Society Students Won Big in Spring 2015
May 12, 2015

Biology and Society students won big awards this semester, from places like the Fulbright U.S.

Social media image
Stay connected with CBS on Social Media
April 21, 2015

Did you know that The Center for Biology and Society, along with our affiliated projects, is on social media?

Stay connected with CBS graduate students through Facebook and Twitter.

Spring 2015 Biology & Society Defenses
May 12, 2015

Congratulations to all the Biology & Society students who defended their research in the Spring of 2015!