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Did you know that the Center for Biology and Society has multiple collections available? Collections can be accessed in LSC 284 and are available for check-out.

Bio and Society Grad to Begin Bioethics Position at National Institutes of Health

After graduating from ASU in 2023 with a PhD in Biology and Society, Liz Dietz started in a bioethics position at the National Institutes of Health.

Welcome New 2023 Biology and Society Graduate Students

Meet the new Center for Biology and Society graduate students.

Jane Maienschein Bridges the Gap Between History, Philosophy, and Science

Read Jane's interview with Association for Women in Science, "Dr. Jane Maienschein Bridges the Gap Between History, Philosophy, and Science"

Congratulations on a successful NEH Summer Institute!

Erica O'Neil and Jason Robert featured in ASU News

Meet Charles Perrings, ASU Professor and Mystery Novelist

The author of hundreds of academic articles and books, Charles Perrings has an unexpected hobby: writing mystery novels.

Caring to Communicate

ASU values communication more than most universities and we in Biology and Society have opportunities to contribute.

Rethinking the ‘Green Revolution’: Q&A with Bio and Society Alum Marci Baranski

Alum Marci Baranski published a book based on her dissertation work called The Globalization of Wheat: A Critical History of the Green Revolution. The book challenges some dominant interpretations…

Reflections on Woods Hole and the History of Biology

Four ASU graduate students participated in the 34th annual History of Biology seminar at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.

Congratulations to the Center for Biology and Society spring and summer 2023 graduates!

The Center is proud to recognize our 2023 MS and PhD graduates whose diverse interests represent the intellectual breadth of Biology and Society at ASU.

CBS Grad Student Carly Bush and Asst Professor Katelyn Cooper featured in ASU News

In a new study published in Life Sciences Education, ASU researchers Katey Cooper, Tala Araghi and Carly Busch highlight how active learning has the potential to both alleviate and exacerbate…

CBS Graduate Students Attend History of Biology Conference with a Friendly Tradition

Recent Bio & Society grads Dina Ziganshina Lienhard and Anna Clemencia Guerrero attended the 57th Joint Atlantic Seminar in the History of Biology.

Nicole Brewer named one of the 2023 Better Scientific Software Fellows

ASU graduate student awarded fellowship to improve scientific web applications

For the Love of Fossils: An Interview with Paige Madison

Paige is an alum of the Bio and Society Program. We spoke with her in February 2023 about her fascination with fossils and her academic path.

Thank you for supporting Biology and Society Students

Thank you for supporting the Center for Biology and Society with your gifts. All donations made to the Center for Biology and Society were matched up to $5000!

For the Fourth Time in 5 Years, Embryo Project Instructor Wins Teaching Excellence Award

The Center congratulates Risa Schnebly on winning a 2022 GPSA Teaching Excellence Award.

Carolyn Compton and Sara Brownell Named 2023 Founders' Day Honorees

Congratulations to Carolyn Compton on her Faculty Service Achievement Award and Sara Brownell on her Faculty Teaching Achievement Award. Both will be honored at the 2023 Founders' Day celebration.

From ASU to Global Health Research and Back: Meet Faculty Member Rachel Gur-Arie

ASU Bio & Society grad Rachel Gur-Arie was writing her dissertation on vaccine practices when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.