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Travel Logistics

Step 1: Secure funding


Biology and Society and HPS students are eligible to apply for Center for Biology and Society Student Funding.  Review guidelines for further information.

Other Graduate Student Funding Options... 

Step 2: For International Travelers Only

  • After securing funding review the Travel Guidance page
  • Register your travel with the Global Education office
  • Once you receive an e-mail approval from the Global Education office, then you may start a trip request.
  • DO NOT make any expenses related to your trip. Expenses can be made after your Trip Request has been fully approved.
  • Per the ASU Student International Travel Registration Policy, faculty/staff are required to register travel in the Student International Travel Registration System if they are “engaged in ASU-related travel abroad with one or more ASU students, during which such faculty/staff have control, oversight or other supervisory responsibility over the accompanying ASU student(s).”
  • Students should register international travel in the Student International Travel Registration System and attach it to your trip request.
  • The Supplemental International Travel form is required to be attached to all international trip requests.

Step 3: Create a trip request

Instructions here

Please review the Travel Guidance page found here for travel updates before submitting a trip request.

  • Trip Request should be submitted as soon as you know you will be traveling and funding has been granted.
  • You can request a cash advance. Cash advances are issued 7-10 days prior to your trip start date. The amount that will be advanced is 75% of your total amount in your request and excludes your airfare and registration. If you do not have the cash option open, please email
  • Create a budget and see an example below. This will help with entering the amounts in the My ASU TRIP system.
  • Please note that the amounts entered in your request are just estimates and actuals will be entered in your expense report after your return.
  • Enter "Ranney, Jessica" as the Cost Center Manager when submitting your request under the Approval tab.

Step 4: Booking

Instructions here

  • All booking must be done through Concur after your trip request has been approved.
  • Airfare should be booked at least 21 days before your trip begin date.
  • If an international flight, please follow the Fly America Act.

Step 5: Create an expense report

After your trip, please use the Instructions here

  • Expense reports should be submitted no later than 1 week after your return date.
  • You will need itemized receipts for ground transport, baggage fees, and hotel stays.
  • Enter "Ranney, Jessica" as the Cost Center Manager when submitting your expense report.


If you need further assistance you can reach out to the following departments.

Booking questions:

Anthony Travel

Policy, trip request, and expense report questions:

ASU Travel Service Center


ASU faculty and student reimbursements

If making an expense on behalf of Arizona State University with prior authorization form the Center for Biology and Society that is not travel related please follow the instructions below to be reimbursed promptly.


Domestic visitors

Participants (non-speakers)

ASU Guest speakers reimbursement only

Reimbursement and honorarium

International visitors

Participants (non-speakers)

Guest speakers reimbursement


Biology and Society Unusual Student Project Award

Thanks to the generosity of a number of donors and alumni, there is financial support available for students who wish to undertake a special research project called the Unusual Student Project Award. Examples of funding could include: travel to an archive, equipment for field research, research supplies, etc.

Embryo Project Seminar Application

The Embryo Project is an initiative within the Center for Biology and Society that seeks to broaden public awareness of and literacy in science and social issues related to embryos and the processes of development. Undergraduate students may enroll in BIO 498, HPS 498 or HON 497 and graduate students may choose from BIO 591 and HPS 591.

Embryo Project Seminar Application

SOLS Graduate Executive Board

The SOLS E-Board is a graduate student organization that exists to advocate for graduate student interests to the School of Life Sciences and Arizona State University administration. Members serve as representatives for graduate students on School of Life Sciences committees and boards concerning additions, restrictions, or changes to graduate programs, research funding and opportunities, teaching expectations and obligations, faculty-student conflict and resolution, and other school affairs. The SOLS E-Board also organizes graduate student social and professional development events including research skills workshops and retreats.

ASU Resources

ASU Computers


Safety reminders for anybody with an office, lab, or space on campus...  Please keep your doors locked, don’t share a key or code with anyone.  Also, do not store expensive or personal items.  Be safe and cautions.

SOLS has a list of resource and info for reporting incident…

ASU has even more resources including links for late night safety escort service, ASU Police, campus safety, etc…

SOLS Services


Printing and copying

  • The high-capacity printer that was previously located in LSA 123 has been moved to LSA 189. If anyone needs to access the printer, they can check in to our SOLS Undergraduate Programs front office in LSC 104, during our business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm) and we can escort them to LSA 189 and let them into the room. 
  • Print jobs may still be sent to, with the same 2 business-day time frame requirement for completing the order.
  • Grad Resource Room LSA 187 (door code 040116*) has a copier in the room.