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The faculty at Biology and Society have diverse interests and mentor graduate students in a range of research topics. These topics include, but are not limited to, Embryo Project, neuroscience and ethics, the Carnap Editing project, environmental ethics and ecology, and the social and cultural history of fire. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Biology and Society can follow one of several paths.

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MS or PhD Biology, Concentration in Biology and Society

Within our biology MS and PhD degrees, you may concentrate in an area where “biology intersects with society” – to learn how biosciences shape and are shaped by societal values and traditions. The Biology and Society concentration draws from many areas to help you develop critical thinking and analytical skills. You may further specialize in one of three tracks:

PhD History and Philosophy of Science

In the History and Philosophy of Science PhD program, you will receive solid training in history and philosophy of science with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies of the sciences, and their conceptual structures, epistemology, history, and impacts on society. The strength of our History and Philosophy of Science program is that we bring philosophy, history and the study of science together.

Policy and law




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Our graduate students come from such diverse disciplines as archeology, biology, history, medicine, law, philosophy, and psychology. The graduate programs in Biology and Society will provide you with an immersive experience. With fellow students, you can explore the conceptual and historical foundations of the biosciences, and receive many opportunities to work on collaborative projects.

Want to learn more? Check out our graduate brochure to get an overview of our programs, research projects, and how to apply.