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The Center for Biology and Society is committed to making science accessible to the public. We accomplish this through a variety of digital projects that use methods from history and philosophy to contextualize the scientific process.

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Night of the Open Door Outreach Event for the Public
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AAAS and Center for Biology and Society

Barrett, The Honors College and the Center for Biology and Society are teaming up to offer mentorship and travel funding awards to attend the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) Annual Meeting for students across all science and social science disciplines. Each year, students travel to present research posters and attend exciting meetings.

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The Embryo Project Encyclopedia

The Embryo Project Encyclopedia (EPE) is an online, Open Access encyclopedia that reveals how scientists think by showing readers the history of embryology, developmental biology, and reproductive medicine. The EPE publishes articles, photographs, graphics, and exhibits, and is aimed at those who have between a ninth grade and undergraduate education.

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Embryo Tales

Embryo Tales are based on articles that are a part of the Embryo Project, which is an encyclopedia on all things embryology and reproduction. In these Embryo Tales, you may find stories on tissue development, menstruation, sex chromosomes, what it means to be intersex, the history of reproductive biology, and much, much more. 

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The MBL History Project

The MBL History Project seeks to bring to public attention the rich history of the Marine Biological Laboratory, located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The MBL has been home to many award-winning scientists, and this innovative project documents that history for the public by digitizing the MBL's archives, creating digital exhibits that put the science of the institution into context for a large audience to enjoy.