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Biology and Society alumni are amazing! We admit we are a little biased, but the reality is Biology and Society students go on to do incredible things. While at ASU, students in our programs have opportunities for travel, research, and strong faculty engagement. They are encouraged to ask the tough questions and to figure things out collaboratively. This leads to engaged thinkers who go out into the world and truly make a difference.  Our students go on to medical school, law school, work in policy at a state and national level, public health agencies, lab sciences, the arts, highly ranked graduate programs, strong research institutions, and everything and anything in between.

Take a moment to read some of the incredible bios of our Biology and Society alumni. If you are one of our previous students, please tell us what you are doing now. We want to hear about it and tell everyone else about you too!

Graduate 2019

  • Megan Allen, MS Biology, Concentration Biology and Society 
    "Impact of HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination on HIV Testing Behaviors, and Interventions to improve Testing Uptake, in Northern Tanzania"
  • Ashley Camhi, PhD Biology, Concentration Biology and Society
    "The Conversation Reserve Program as a Payments for Water Quality Case Study: An Environmental Economic Analysis
  • Hailey Cohan, MS Biology, Concentration Biology and Society
    "Advocating Dignity: Death with dignity in the US, 1985-2011"
  • Rainey Horwitz, MS Biology, Concentration Biology and Society
    "How Factors like 1800s Gender Expectations, Misconceptions, and Moral Traditions Shaped US Women's reproductive Medical Care"
  • Christopher Rojas, PhD Biology, Concentration Biology and Society
    "On the Virtues of a Philosophically Pragmatic Reorientation in Environmental Ethics: Adaptive Co-management as a Laboratory"
  • Samantha Thompson, PhD, History and Philosophy of Science
    "The Carnegie Image Tube Committee and the Development of Electronic Imaging Devices in Astronomy, 1953-1976"
  • Jada Wang, MS Biology, Concentration Biology and Society
    "Investigating the Current Status of Collegiate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Organizations via a National Survey Study and Tracing the History of Arizona State University EMS Department"

Undergraduate 2019

  • Alexis Darby
  • Katelyn Dinkel
  • Leslie  Jaimes
  • Carrie Keller
  • Staley Lane
  • Jack Oberhaus
  • Alyssa Sgro
  • Maria Vizcarra
  • Lorenzo Badiola

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