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Why invest?

Donor Highlight: A Personal Story

Hi! My name is Melanie Hunter. I graduated from ASU in 1999 with a BS in Biology and a concentration in Biology in Society. I was privileged to be one of the first 5 to graduate from Biology and Society. I am a Clinical Laboratory Specialist at Blood Systems Laboratories, the testing lab for United Blood Services and other blood banks from around the country.

While attending ASU, I had many amazing opportunities to participate and attend national science conferences. I would not have the connections I have today if I wasn’t able to be part of these experiences. I had to work my way through school, like most students. I was probably the last person who would donate money to the university since I had to pay to be there! However, throughout the last several years, with the widespread difficult economic times, I realized that there are a lot of deserving students out there that won’t be able to experience the opportunities that I did because of the budget cuts, job losses, etc. I want to do my part to help future students have the same opportunities that I was given. All it takes is a few dollars from each graduate to add up to provide an experience. Sponsor a student, help give them what you were given when you were in school. Pay it forward, in any amount.

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