Karen Wellner

Associate Research Faculty

Science Education, History of Biology, Piagetian Theory

The Embryo Project

My interests lie in methodologies designed to bridge the gap between "real" science and school science. Other research interests include the cognitive development of spatial ability, nature of science in the classroom, and the use of case studies and oral histories to enrich content knowledge. My work on the Embryo Project centersaround developing/identifying classroom teaching ideas that reflect historical and scientific accuracy, while remaining developmentally appropriate for secondary science students.


Currently serving as senior personnel for the NSF project, “Developing and Assessing Macroethics Modules for the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program’s Responsible Conduct of Research Courses” (Karin Ellison, PI). I am part of the leadership team charged with (1) conducting background research and drafting macroethics modules, case studies, and assessment questions, and (2) presenting draft materials at national conferences to solicit peer input.