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Public Outreach

  • Podcast SCI PHI with Nick Zautra, 2017: http://www.sciphipod.com/
  • Future Tense Event on Reproductive Futures and what we can learn from the past, Washington, DC, featured panelist, 2014 
  • Podcast with Carla Nappi, 2014: http://carlanappi.com/2014/07/06/embryos-under-the-microscope-anintervie...
  • On Embryos, “Futureproof,” Irish radio, 2014 
  • On History at the MBL, Marine Biological Overseers, 2014 
  • “Why Do We Want Science to be Revolutionary, and Should We?,” Public Symposium at the Marine Biological Laboratory, chair and organizer, 2012 
  • “What’s Up with Stem Cells?,” ASU Origins Club, 2012 
  • “Lying: The Making of the World,” ASU Lying Conference opening session, Chair and commenter, 2012 
  • “Through History's Lens: How history contributes to a better understanding of science," AAAS Webinar Panelist, 2011 
  • “Have Stem Cells Changed the Culture of Science?,” Keynote Lecture to ASU’s Undergraduate Research Symposium, 2011 
  • “Forward to Professorships,” Panel discussion, Association for Women in Science of Central Arizona, 2011 
  • “Project Humanities: Place in Fiction, Nonfiction and the Arts,” Session Moderator, ASU, 2011 
  • “On Stem Cells and Judges,” Center for Law, Science, and Innovation, 2010 
  • “Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine, and Us,” Tedx Phoenix, 2009 
  • “On Embryos, Stem Cells, and Such,” Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, 2009 
  • Discussion of Embryo Research, CLAS Hall, 2009 
  • “What is Stem Cell Research and Why Do We Care?,” CLAS Dean’s Salon, 2009 
  • “On Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine,” Achievement Rewards for College Students lunch meeting, 2008 
  • “Stem Cells and the Promises of Regenerative Medicine,” Jewish Federation of Phoenix, 2007 
  • With Jason Robert, “Cloning, Stem Cells, and Society,” Rio Verde Lecture Series, 2007 
  • “Prelude to BODYWORLDS. A History of Anatomical Representation,” Arizona Science Center, 2007 
  • “Rachelle Hollander,” Retirement Session, AAAS, 2006 
  • “Stem Cells, Society, and Law,” panel presentation at Arizona Science Center, 2005 
  • “Embryos and Society,” Sun City Engineers, 2005 
  • ASU President’s Community Enrichment Program, 4-6 week Courses, Seminars, Lectures, 1998-present 
  • “Careers in Science Policy,” Panel, AAAS meeting, 2003 
  • “History of Science and Science Policy,” Workshop, History of Science Society, 2002 
  • “Genes, Cloning, and Stem Cells: Why Science is such Fun,” ASU Parents Weekend Lecture, 2001 
  • “Cloning, Stem Cells and Such: Who Knows What We’re Talking About?,” Law and Science Student Association, 2001; Phoenix Phi Beta Kappa Lecture, 2000 
  • “Evidence For and Against,” in “Teaching Evolution Effectively in a Creationist World,” public forum Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting, 2001 
  • “Science and Scientists, Policy and Politics: Who Knows, Who Says, and Who Cares?,” Arizona Department of Agriculture, 2001 
  • Interview with US News and World Report about evolution and creation issues in education, 1999 
  • “Building Bridges From the Desert to the Hill: An Interview with Dr. Jane Maienschein,” Research!America Newsletter (January, 1999): 4, 6 
  • “Science Friday” NPR discussion of “Unanswered Questions in Science,” 1999 
  • Discussion with Congressman Matt Salmon’s High Tech Advisory Committee, 1998 
  • 17 With Ken Goldstein, Dean’s Council, on Washington Program, 1998 
  • With James Collins, Saturday Scholars Session, 1997 
  • Southwest Center for Environmental Education, exhibit consultant, 1996-1997 
  • History of Cold Spring Harbor Science project, Cold Spring Harbor Press, 1996 
  • History of Cell Biology, with William Bechtel, 1995-1996 
  • Science and Context Curriculum Project, University of Puget Sound, 1995 
  • “Exploring the Nuclear Age through the Arts and Humanities,” chair for panel, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, 1995 
  • “Visits with 2-3 lectures as Dibner Visiting Historian to: Mesa University, 1994; University of Western Florida, 1994; Maryville College, 1995; St. Michael's College, 1995 
  • Biology in Action Workshop, Radford University, 1993 
  • “Animal Rights, Human Experimentation, and Other Problems in the History of Biology,” GTE Lecture, Dickinson College, 1987 
  • “The Incorporation of American Medicine,” A.E.D. (pre-medical honorary society) lecture, Arizona State University, 1985 
  • “The Rise of Experimental Science,” discussion for Arizona State University Library Associates, 1985 
  • History of Genetics Project, Virginia Technological Institute and State University, 1984 
  • “Technology and Society,” Salt River Project Executive Board Colloquium, 1982 
  • “Humanistic Perspectives on Biogenetic Engineering,” Tucson Public Library, 1982

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