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 Center for Biology and Society Conversation Series

The Center began an innovative conversation series in 2016. The goal of each conversation is to present a big problem of contemporary interest in a way that is accessible to a cross-disciplinary audience and then show how to tackle that problem from the point of view of one or more disciplines.

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Recent News and Events

Is Active Learning Making Students Anxious? It Depends How It's Done.

Anxiety has been highlighted as a pressing concern for colleges, with over 60% of college students reporting that they felt overwhelming anxiety within the last year. While recent studies have show

CBS Faculty Matt Chew Finds an Out-of-Place Catfish

ASU Now recently followed Professor Matt Chew to the Tres Rios Wetlands after the discovery of dead sailfin armored catfish in the local wetlands. Read the article here!

Minteer Latest Book, The Ark and Beyond, Featured on ASU Now

We are thrilled to announce another book by a Center for Biology and Society faculty member.

Awards and Honors

Students in Biology and Society are frequently recognized for their excellent scholarship and merit with prestigious local, national, and international awards and prizes. Learn more

Outreach and Engagement

The Center for Biology and Society is committed to making science accessible to the public. We accomplish this through a variety of digital projects that use methods from history and philosophy to contextualize the scientific process.


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The Embryo Project Encyclopedia
The Embryo Project Encyclopedia (EPE) is an online, Open Access encyclopedia that reveals how scientists think by showing readers the history of embryology, developmental biology, and reproductive medicine. The EPE publishes articles, photographs, graphics, and exhibits, and is aimed at those who have between a ninth grade and undergraduate education. Learn more


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The MBL History Project
The MBL History Project seeks to bring to public attention the rich history of the Marine Biological Laboratory, located in Woods Hole, MA. The MBL has been home to many award-winning scientists, and this project documents that history for the public by digitizing the MBL's archives and creating digital exhibits that put the science of the institution into context for the public. Learn more


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