2020-2021 Biology and Society Recognitions

This academic year has been “different” in so many ways. It’s time to celebrate the wonderful achievements of the Biology and Society community. There are many ways our faculty, staff, and students have been busy, so these are some examples. We start by noting that: The Center for Biology and Society promotes diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice through what we value, what we do, and who we are. The many achievements noted below illustrate who we are. Diversity, Excellence, Impact.



  • Marielle Abalo
  • Ryan Davila
  • Kelle Dhein
  • Mahmoud Hashimi
  • Tracie Lorenzo
  • Paige Madison
  • Christian Ross
  • Theo Tiffney


  • Brianna Ellis
  • Emily Santora

Awards and Recognitions


  • Sara Brownell, National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP) LGBTQ Educator of the Year
  • Leah Gerber, AAAS Fellow
  • Abraham Gibson, Tenure-track position at University of Texas, San Antonio, and research fellow with the ASU Interdisciplinary Cooperation Initiative
  • Ann Kinzig, leadership in the leadership training program for SOLS
  • Kate MacCord, SOLS Faculty Teaching Award
  • Charles Perrings, retiring after helping make economics central to study of the environment
  • Beckett Sterner, SOLS Inclusive Teaching Fellowship; Graduate College Teaching Innovation Fellowship; Templeton Foundation Ideas Challenge winner - Macroevolution

Graduate Students:

  • Carly Busch, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Research Recognition Award from the American Physiological Society
  • Sanghamitra Das, Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship; Wenner-Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant
  • Kelle Dhein, SOLS JEDI Award, Postdoc University of Kentucky
  • Liz Dietz, Association for Practical and Professional Ethics Graduate Student Paper Award
  • Anna Guerrero, Research Fellow at the Marine Biological Laboratory; Templeton Foundation Ideas Challenge winner – Organization
  • Mahmoud Hashimi, SOLS Completion Fellowship, Dissertation Completion Award, UNDP Asia-Pacific Academic Fellowship
  • Paige Madison, Fall SOLS Completion Fellowship; Postdoc of Human Evolution in the Anthropocene at the History Natural Museum of Denmark
  • Erin Murphy, 2020 North American Congress for Conservation Biology student presentation award finalist; GPSA Publication Award; GPSA Arijit Guha Graduate Student Advocacy Award
  • Erika Nadile, AAAS Poster First Place winner in Science Education; National Association for Biology Teacher's (NABT) 1st prize graduate student poster session; GPSA Research Award
  • Emily Santora, AAAS Poster Third Place winner in Science and Society
  • Va’Trelle Stokely, Bio and Society Unusual Student Project Award; Grad College Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowship
  • Katie Surrey, GPSA Innovation Fellowship Volunteer Awards
  • Dina Ziganshina, AAAS Poster First Place winner in Science and Society; Joshua E. Neimark Memorial Travel Assistance Endowment to present research results at the AAAS

Undergraduate Students:

  • Kara Gardner, SOLS Dean’s Medalist; Outstanding Biology and Society Graduate; The Next Edison Foundation Fellowship

We also thank the following for special service:

  • For promoting diversity and inclusion through ASU’s JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) efforts: Sara Brownell, Katelyn Cooper, Kelle Dhein, and Kate MacCord.
  • For leadership in graduate programs: Olivia Davis, Cassandra Lyon, Erin Murphy, Christian Ross, and Dina Ziganshina
  • For leading the search to hire in bioethics, despite many administrative hurdles: Karin Ellison has led her committees with persistence and admirable (usually) patience
  • And Super Special Recognition: For holding everything together in heroically cheerful and supportive ways: Jessica Ranney