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The MBL History Project Opens for its 4th Year

A team of ASU graduate researchers, led by CBS Director and University Professor Jane Maienschein and Project Coordinator Kate MacCord have opened their summer season at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, MA.

The group is in Woods Hole for the 4th year of the MBL History Project--an initiative founded by Maienschein to preserve and communicate the history of science at the MBL.

The graduate researchers include Sean CohmerJ.J. LaTourelleChristian Ross, and Federica Turriziana Colonna, and are joined by recent Brown University graduate and inaugural Cathy Norton Fellow, Beatrice Steinert.

Together, the MBL History Project team will work on digitizing the MBL archives, interviewing scientists, and writing digital exhibits that put the history and science of the MBL into context for the public. All materials are made publically available through the MBL History Project’s website and YouTube channel.

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