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HPS and the Future of Collaborative Work within the Life Sciences

Between April 21st and April 24th, philosophers and historians of science gathered at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, to discuss scholarship at the intersection of the life sciences and history and philosophy of science.

The workshop, titled “Putting History and Philosophy of Life Sciences to Work,” was hosted by the James S. McDonnell Foundation and organized by Jane Maienschein, Director of the Center for Biology & Society, with the help of Project Coordinator Kate MacCord and PhD student Kelle Dhein.

During the workshop, historians and philosophers of science from France, Australia, Canada, and the United States drew from their experiences as interdisciplinary scholars to articulate the topics and practices that support fruitful collaborations. They discussed common obstacles and explored the traits that distinguish impactful partnerships between history and philosophy of science and the life sciences.

Susan Fitzpatrick, president of the James S. McDonnell Foundation, attended the workshop both to contribute to the discussion and to consider potential ways the McDonnell Foundation might facilitate effective collaborations between life scientists and historians and philosophers of science in future.

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