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Graduate Funding

Recently, Aireona B. Raschke, a PhD candidate from the Center for Biology and Society (4E track) put together a workshop for graduate students about sources of research funding with the help of Ernest Nkansah-Dwamena and Michelle Sullivan. During the workshop information about large grants for US citizens as well as some open to all students regardless of citizenship, small grants offered by ASU sources like GPSA, and strategies for finding funding specific to research topics and locations was discussed. 

Raschke has successfully obtained funding for two international field seasons, as well as a preliminary study, and she was inspired to share her knowledge on the subject after some conversations with first and second year grad students who were just entering the world of grant funding. The Center for Biology and Society already has many resources to help students apply to the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP), as well as a few other key grants. This workshop, however, compiled several different methods for seeking funding, as well as Raschke's experience with making time for grant-writing and organizing applications. Having this information in one place is both beneficial for first and second year grads, who have not yet learned about different funding options, as well as more advanced attendees who may not be aware of the many great options that ASU and other organizations offer to young researchers.

After fielding questions about the process of searching for funding, grant writing, and dealing with potential rejections, the workshop also provided interested attendees with a Powerpoint of all the information that had been compiled for this event.

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