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Funding Graduate Research in the Center for Biology & Society

Graduate dissertation projects, thoroughly researched and meticulously carried out, generally require funding beyond what is normally provided to support the average graduate student. To procure the financial means to tackle their ambitious research goals, three Center for Biology and Society (CBS) students turned to the National Sciences Foundation (NSF), each applying for and receiving research grants over the last year. In addition to receiving precious research funds, all three students gained valuable grant-writing experience, as they learned to refine and articulate the nature and importance of their respective research projects for submission to the NSF.

Johnny Winston, Ph.D. candidate and Christopher Dimond, Ph.D. student, both in the Biology and Society History and Philosophy of Science program, and Jenny Brian, Ph.D. candidate in the Biology and Society Bioethics, Policy, and Law program, discuss their experiences with the NSF grant process as well as the opportunities that have opened up as a result of receiving awards.