Embryo Project @ ASU Homecoming 2014

On Saturday, November 1, 2014, members of the Embryo Project editorial team welcomed alumni, prospective students, and kids of all ages to the 2014 ASU Homecoming. Led on-site by PhD student Federica Turriziani Colonna, the team included EP Managing Editor Steve Elliott, EP editors Alexis Abboud and Zane Bartlett, and community volunteer Francesco Onorato. The crew set-up their Embryo Project-themed gear at the School of Life Sciences tent on Cady Mall, outside of the School of Sustainability.

The Embryo Project, a digital encyclopedia created by the Center for Biology and Society, was there to greet people with a wonderful crew and a spectacular embryo wheel—a prize wheel decorated with pictures of embryos from six different animals. “Hey guys, guess the embryo!” drew in crowds of children, students, and passersby, who got to spin the wheel and guess the embryo that they landed on. The game and Embryo Project crew prompted the crowd to think about what an embryo is, and gave away hundreds of Embryo Project stickers and trading cards.

With a small tent and tons of energy, our CBS graduate students engaged the homecoming crowds with science, history, and a whole lot of knowledge from the Embryo Project Encyclopedia.