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Ellison Organizes RCR Workshop at APPE Conference

June 4, 2018

Teaching Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity

Karin Ellison, Director of the Life Science Ethics Program and Associate Director of the Center for Biology and Society, Joseph Herkert, Emeritus Associate Professor from North Carolina State University, and Elizabeth Heitman, Professor at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, recently led the annual Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) workshop held the day before the annual meeting of the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) in Chicago, IL. The Research Ethics & Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Special Interest Section (SIS), Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) SIS, and the Online Ethics Center’s Life and Environmental Sciences Section co-hosted the workshop. The workshop featured new and in-development online STEM ethics education materials. Some of the new materials will be available at the Online Ethics Center (onlineethics.org). Joseph Herkert, Emeritus Associate Professor, North Carolina State University

Presentations addressed strategies for using well-established resources, expanding cases and other established instructional methods to novel topics in STEM ethics, and developing innovative educational approaches. For example, on existing resources, Karin Ellison discussed advantages and disadvantages of using the online CITI Program RCR course instead of a text book in her hybrid course, BIO 610, Introduction to RCR. 

The group got an early peak at materials on new topics to be posted on the Online Ethics Center. Keith Miller, Jason Borenstein, and Joseph Herkert’s presented a set of new cases on self-driving cars. Donna Riley, Yanna Lambrinidou, and Benjamin Pauli shared materials on community-engaged research, including a case on the Flint water crisis.Elizabeth Heitman, Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The workshop also featured new active learning activities and conceptual approaches, which go beyond the traditional discussion of cases and codes of ethics. Kelly Laas, Christine Miller, and Ciara Taylor described hands-on activities developed though a collaboration of ethics educators and design professionals. Michael O'Rourke and Zachary Piso outlined a novel values-based framework for ethics education in interdisciplinary environmental science graduate education. 

 More Information: Karin Ellison (Karin.Ellison@asu.edu)

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