2023 CBS Graduate students (L-R) Erin Murphy, Elizabeth Dietz, Anna Guererro, and Dina Ziganshina Lienhard

Congratulations to the Center for Biology and Society spring and summer 2023 graduates!

Photo of Nathaniel and Jane
Photo of Sangha holding her diploma
CBS Group Photo from Graduation
Photo of Liz and Ben
CBS Group Photo

The Center is proud to recognize our 2023 MS and PhD graduates whose diverse interests represent the intellectual breadth of Biology and Society at ASU. From wildlife conservation, to legal analysis (of abortion, anti-trans legislation, and disability law), to the ecology and economics of plastic pollution, to biology education, to identity development, to the politics of biomedical interventions, to the history of microbiology—our graduates do it all. And we congratulate them!

Spring Graduates

Grad Photo of Isabella Bernat
Isabella Bernat, MS (Biology and Society)
“Respect and Dignity in Wildlife Rehabilitation”
Committee: Ben Minteer, Karin Ellison, Michael Schoon
Sangha Das  in a field
Sangha Das, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
"Ordering Subaltern Disorders: Embodiment, Biocapital and the Politics of Sickle Cell Management in India"
Committee: Lindsay Smith (Chair), H.L.T. Quan, Jane Maienschein, Indulata Prasad, and Jason Robert
Photo of Michael Mihuc
Michael Mihuc, MS (Biology and Society)
“Identity Development During Adolescence in Individuals with Pectus Excavatum”
Committee: Jane Maienschein (Chair), Karin Ellison, and Rachel Gur-Arie
Photo of Rae Mills in her cap and gown
Raegan Mills, MS (Biology and Society)
“Cripping Trans Childhood: A Critical Examination into the Legislating of the Trans Child”
Committee: Ben Hurlbut (Co-Chair), Jenny Brian (Co-Chair), and Terri Hlava
Photo of Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
"Ecological, Economic, and Social Dimensions of Marine Plastic Pollution and Marine Plastic Pollution Interventions"
Committee: Leah Gerber (Co-Chair), Beth Polidoro (Co-Chair), Chelsea Rochman, and Kevin Dooley
Head Shot of Nathaniel Ross
Nathaniel Ross, MS (Biology and Society)
"Changes in American Judicial Behavior in Disability Discrimination Cases in Response to Anti-Discrimination Legislation"
Committee: Jane Maienschein, Michael Yudell, and Carolyn Compton. 
Photo of Dina Ziganshina in her cap and gown
Dina Ziganshina Lienhard, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
“Reducing Abortion Rates without Restricting Legal Access to Abortion: Evidence from Comparative Analysis of Relevant Policies and
Demographic Indicators in 15 Post-Soviet Countries and Adaptive Agent-Based Modeling of Unintended Pregnancies”

Committee: Jane Maienschein (Co-Chair), Monica Gaughan (Co-Chair), Manfred Laubichler, and Karin Ellison

Summer Graduates

Photo of Liz Dietz
Elizabeth Dietz, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
"No Choice but to Choose: The Technopolitics of Informed Consent"
Committee:  J. Benjamin Hurlbut (Chair), Joel Michael Reynolds, Jennifer Brian and Karin Ellison
Photo of Anna Guererro in her cap and gown
Anna Guererro, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
“Images and the Development of the Biofilm Concept"
Committee: Jane Maienschein (Chair), Manfred Laubichler, Beckett Sterner, and Karl Matlin
Photo of Taya Mischeva reading
Taya Misheva, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
“Accepting and Understanding Evolution: The Development and Evaluation of Measurement Tools in Evolution Education”
Committee: Sara Brownell (Chair), Liz Barnes, James Collins, Katelyn Cooper, and Beckett Sterner
Photo of Katie Surrey with her dog
Katie Surrey, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
“The Biosocial Ecosystem Dynamics of Sustainable Wildlife Based Ecotourism in Panama”
Committee: Leah Gerber (chair), Hector Guzman, Ben Minteer, Michael Schoon