2024 CBS Graduate students (L-R) Ilani Higgins, Karin Ellison, Olivia Davis and Cassi Lyon

Congratulations to the Center for Biology and Society spring 2024 graduates!


Photo of Leah, Olivia, Cassi and Ben at Graduation
Photo of Ilani under the balloon arch
Graduation photo of Olivia, Cassi Jarrett and another graduate
Photo of Ilani and Karin by the ASU Grad sign


The Center is proud to recognize our 2024 MS and PhD graduates whose diverse interests represent the intellectual breadth of Biology and Society at ASU. From contraception, to endanger species, to mental illness, to stigmatized identities, to great ape exhibits—our graduates do it all. And we congratulate them!

Spring Graduates

Photo of Carly Busch at Graduation
Carly Busch, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
"Invisible role models:  Concealable stigmatized identities in undergraduate science"
Committee: Katelyn Cooper (Co-Chair); Sara Brownell (Co-Chair); James Collins; Yi Zheng
Photo of Olivia Davis Holding her Diploma
Olivia Davis, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
"Conserving Species in the United States Under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)"
Committee: Leah Gerber (Chair), Ben Minteer, Gwen Icona, Jake Li, and Katrina Vandenberg
Photo of James Dennert
James Dennert, PhD The History and Philosophy of Science
"Mental Illness Is Illness Like Any Other: An Inquiry and Critique"
Committee: Jason Robert (Co-Chair), Richard Creath (Co-Chair), Ben Phillips, Janet Neisewander and Jane Maienschein 
Photo of Ilani Higgins holding her diploma


Ilani Higgins, MS Biology (Biology and Society)
"Contraceptive Perspectives in Nursing Students at ASU"
Committee: Rachel Gur-Aire (Chair), Karin Ellison (Co-Chair), Jane Maienschein (Reader)

Photo of Cassi Lyon at Graduation
Cassandra Lyon, PhD Biology (Biology and Society)
"Displaying, Conserving, and Hoping to Understand: Conservation Messaging & Anthropomorphism in Zoo Great Apes Exhibits"
Committee: Ben Minteer (Chair), Clive Wynne, Michael Schoon, Lily Maynard (external)