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Attending the AAAS 2010 Conference

This was the first time I attended an international conference, and it was an experience I won’t forget. I was able to meet students from other universities and talk about our different research experiences and future goals. I also enjoyed attending a number of symposiums where scientists at the forefront of their fields discussed research and topics that I’ve actually been studying as part of my academic career. This was exciting for me to hear how that research is being directly applied to understanding things such as how genetics plays a part in the advancement of cancer. I had the opportunity to present my own research through the AAAS Student Poster Symposium and gain additional insight from those who were interested in my project.

The highlight of this conference was when I had the opportunity to discuss my thesis project with Francis Collins, the Director of the NIH. This was an honor, and it was especially significant for me since much of my thesis is based upon research that can be largely accredited to him and his research team: The Human Genome Project and the discovery of the gene responsible for Cystic Fibrosis. Attending such a large conference such as AAAS provides numerous opportunities to learn and network, and I recommend all students to attend at least once.