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Alumni Spotlight: Steve Elliott

July 10, 2017

Center for Biology and Society (CBS) student Steve Elliott graduated with a PhD in Biology and Society on May 8th, alongside fellow PHD students Kate MacCord and Ernest Nkansah-Dwamena. Steve pursued CBS's history and philosophy of science track, and he defended his dissertation, "The Aims and Structures of Research Projects That Use Gene Regulatory Information with Evolutionary Genetic Models," on January 30th. Rick Creath and Manfred Laubichler co-chaired Steve's dissertation committee, which included Stephen PrattBrad Armendt, and Patrick Forber

Steve completed his dissertation work with the help of a School of Life Sciences Dissertation Completion Fellowship, which provided him a break from his duties as editor in chief of the Embryo Project Encyclopedia, a position he has held for the last few years. As editor, Steve helped grow the encyclopedia from 300 to over 800 articles, helping to redesign the aims, structures, and quality of the digital publication. In 2017, the publication is projected to surpass 1 million annual pages views for the first time in its history, up from 200,000 when Steve began editing. Federica Turriziani Colonna, CBS's Editorial Associate and PhD candidate in HPS, takes over Steve's role.

Steve accepted a job as a postdoctoral researcher at ASU's Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology, where he's learning techniques to collect and analyze qualitative data, practices he will deploy to study scientific research teams and projects. In addition, he'll design and implement new data management practices for that Center. Also a part time postdoctoral researcher with CBS through June of 2017, Steve will afterwards maintain a research associate spot with CBS. 

In his research, Steve is working on a paper about data management with Kate MacCord and Jane Maienschein, and he's decomposing chunks of his dissertation into journal articles. Steve will next present a paper at the European Philosophy of Science Association meeting in Exeter, UK, in September 2017. The paper is part of a symposium that he proposed with Flavia Fabris, a postdoc at the University of Exeter. The symposium is called "New Directions for Studying Success and Failure in Science," and it also features Melinda Bonnie Fagan and C. Kenneth Waters. Steve's paper is about concepts of epistemic goals as they relate to scientific theories and models. 

More Information: Steve Elliott (stephen.elliott@asu.edu




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