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Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Truong

January 30, 2020

Former top SOLS Biology and Society graduate is continuing to be outstanding

  Jasmine Truong graduated with a Biology and Society degree   from the School of Life Sciences in 2018 and her numerous   accolades while an undergraduate earned her the College of   Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s medalist for the top student in   the School of Life Sciences.  As an undergraduate, she   conducted undergraduate research on evolution education in   the Biology Education Research Lab.  She worked on a project   that explored the perceptions of Judeo-Christian undergraduate   biology students about evolution and religion.  She was also   first author on a second publication that tested the impact of a   6 minute culturally competent module on student perceptions of the conflict between religion and evolution.  Her honors thesis used an audit study design to examine biology faculty member potential biases against Christian students applying for graduate school.  Surveying over 700 biology faculty members, she found that contrary to what is often assumed, biology faculty were not biased against Christians, unless they were evangelical Christians.  Two years after graduating, her honors thesis has been published in the journal PLOS ONE: “Are scientists biased against Christians? Exploring real and perceived bias against Christians in academic biology.”

Jasmine is currently finishing up a MSPH in International Health (Social and Behavioral Interventions) at Johns Hopkins University.  She just completed a practicum in Bangkok, Thailand, where she worked with the Thai Ministry of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control on a project that explored the factors that would affect the implementation of an HIV prevention intervention among young men who have sex with men (YMSM) and transgender women (TGW) who sell or trade sex.

Jasmine is in the process of job searching, but hopes to work within the field of adolescent health or HIV-related health at an international NGO or governmental organization. Congrats Jasmine on being such a fantastic Biology and Society alum!


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