BHL Re-tweets CBS Graduate Student

This summer marked my second opportunity to return to the MBL. This time, I worked as a fellow for the MBL History Project, but this year I was also fortunate to receive the Catherine Norton Fellowship to both complete my research and to design a physical exhibit for the MBL Library.

CBS Grad Student At Home in the Field 7,000 Miles Away

Center for Biology and Society Graduate Student Theresa Marie (Tracie) Lorenzo is spending some time in the Philippines, her home country, to conduct fieldwork research for her dissertation.

Alumni Spotlight: Kate MacCord

I got a degree in history and philosophy of science (HPS) because I wanted to understand how science and scientists work to give us an understanding of nature--both now and in the past.

MBL History Project Closes its Fifth and Final Season

Five years of work by ASU graduate students at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) came to a close on Friday July 21, 2017, as the MBL History Project closed its fifth and final sea

CBS PhD Candidate Begins Fellowship with the American Institute of Physics

Samantha Thompson, a PhD candidate in History and Philosophy of Science at the Center for Biology and Society, recently began a one-year fellowship at the American Institute of Physics in College Park,

Alumni Spotlight: Grace Kim

The Center for Biology & Society recently caught up with Grace Kim, a 2017 MS in Biology with a concentration in Biology and Society, who is currently a Research Analyst for the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.

Biology and Society Graduate Appointed Curator at NASM

ASU Now recently caught up with Matt Shindell, a Biology and Society graduate.

Alumni Spotlight: Steve Elliott

Center for Biology and Society (CBS) student Steve Elliott graduated with a PhD in Biology and Society on May 8th, alongside fellow PHD students 

Engineering Life: 2017 History of Biology Seminar at the MBL

In May of this year, the History of Biology Seminar again convened scholars from across the globe at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts celebrating its 30th anniversary of dedicated scholarship in the history of the biological sciences.

Investigating experiments in democracy: Hurlbut's newest book

Earlier this year, CBS faculty Ben Hurlbut published a book,

CBS Faculty and Students WOW at Comicon

Once again, Center for Biology and Society faculty and graduate students tapped into their inner geek and presented to full rooms at Comicon!  CBS Faculty Matt Chew's  panels covered aliens, tweeting, and

Student Spotlight: Paige Madison

Paige Madison, a PhD candidate studying the history of paleoanthropology at the Center for Biology and Society, has spent the last few months conducting dissertation research.

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