Digital Innovation Group Develops Multiple Software Tools to Aid Research

In late 2012, Biology and Society graduate students Erick Peirson and Julia Damerow started a project under the guidance of their advisor,

Center Faculty and Students Present at HSS

The Center for Biology and Society shined as ASU-affiliated researchers and alumni presented original research and led workshops at the 2017 History of Science Society meeting, held in Toronto, Ontario, from November 9th to the 12th.

Student Spotlight: Ashley Camhi

The Center for Biology and Society recently caught up with Ashley Camhi, a Biology with a concentration in Biology and Society PhD candidate, about what she did this summer. Here is what she had to say: 

The Future of Systematics in Data-Centric Biology

When and why does future progress in biology require taking taxonomy seriously?

Thinking About Model Organisms with Jessica Bolker

From October 31 to November 2, Dr.

Student Spotlight: Claudia Nunez-Eddy

This summer, Center Biology and Society Master’s student Claudia Nunez-Eddy spent three months in Washington, DC, interning at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in the

CBS Welcomes New Post-Doc

Abraham Gibson is a new post-doctoral scholar with the Center for Biology and Society! Below is a short story about his intellectual upbringing.

Center Faculty at Santa Fe Institute Discussing "The Past, Present and Future of the Anthropocene"

The Anthropocene, a new epoch in earth history, reflects the unprecendented ways in which one species - Homo sapiens - has shaped our planet.

CBS PhD Student Interns with the WHO

Theora Tiffney, a PhD student at the Center for Biology and Society, in the Bioethics, Policy, and Law concentration, has just returned from a four-month stay in Geneva, Switzerland, where she inte

Alumni Spotlight: Cecilia Chou

The Center for Biology and Society recently caught up with Cecilia Chou, a 2017 graduate with a Masters in Biology and Society, who is now a first-year medical student at University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.

BHL Re-tweets CBS Graduate Student

This summer marked my second opportunity to return to the MBL. This time, I worked as a fellow for the MBL History Project, but this year I was also fortunate to receive the Catherine Norton Fellowship to both complete my research and to design a physical exhibit for the MBL Library.

CBS Grad Student At Home in the Field 7,000 Miles Away

Center for Biology and Society Graduate Student Theresa Marie (Tracie) Lorenzo is spending some time in the Philippines, her home country, to conduct fieldwork research for her dissertation.

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