Life Science Ethics Program Presents New Programming for 2018-2019 Academic Year

The Life Science Ethics Program is gearing up for a year of new events and programming.

CBS Conversation Series Continues

CBS Conversation Series Continues

Is Active Learning Making Students Anxious? It Depends How It's Done.

Anxiety has been highlighted as a pressing concern for colleges, with over 60% of college students reporting that they felt overwhelming anxiety within the last year. While recent studies have show

CBS Faculty Matt Chew Finds an Out-of-Place Catfish

ASU Now recently followed Professor Matt Chew to the Tres Rios Wetlands after the discovery of dead sailfin armored catfish in the local wetlands. Read the article here!

Minteer Latest Book, The Ark and Beyond, Featured on ASU Now

We are thrilled to announce another book by a Center for Biology and Society faculty member.

Biology and Society Graduate Begins Her PhD Journey

Dina Lienhard (Ziganshina) is a new PhD student at the Center for Biology and Society. She was admitted for the Summer 2018 semester into the Biology and Society PhD program.

2018 History of Biology Seminar Discusses "Engineering Life"

Last month, an eclectic mix of researchers from different backgrounds, disciplines, and nations descended on the seaside village of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, for the 31st annual History of Biology seminar at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Discovery of a New Species of Human? Paige Madison Heads to Indonesia

PhD candidate Paige Madison has been quite busy so far this year.

Ian Tattersall Lecture

Ellison Organizes RCR Workshop at APPE Conference

Teaching Research Ethics and Scientific Integrity

Congratulations to Our Biology and Society Graduates!

Congratulations to Alexis Abboud, Liz Barnes, Claudia Nunez-Eddy and Tong Wu! We are incredibly proud to have such dedicated and hard-working students in our program.

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