Liz Barnes

Alumni Spotlight: Liz Barnes

Author: Elizabeth Barnes

Student Spotlight: Kelle Dhein

Student Spotlight: Kelle Dhein

Author: Kelle Dhein

Katie Surrey Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Katie Surrey

Author: Katie Surrey

Theora Tiffney Student spotlight

Student Spotlight: Theora Tiffney

Author: Theora Tiffney

Student Spotlight: Carolina Abboud

Writing Her Way through Stories to a PhD and Stanford Law School

Author: Carolina Abboud

Successful CBS Conversation Series discussion History, Philosophy and the Germline!

Conversation Series on the History and Philosophy of the Germline

Author: Linda Howard

Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Truong

Former top SOLS Biology and Society graduate is continuing to be outstanding

Movie Night: Ex Machina

Author: Elizabeth Dietz

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