Student Spotlight: Carolina Abboud

Writing Her Way through Stories to a PhD and Stanford Law School

Author: Carolina Abboud

Successful CBS Conversation Series discussion History, Philosophy and the Germline!

Conversation Series on the History and Philosophy of the Germline

Author: Linda Howard

Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Truong

Former top SOLS Biology and Society graduate is continuing to be outstanding

Movie Night: Ex Machina

Author: Elizabeth Dietz

Conversation Series: Ask A Biologist and Embryo Project Encyclopedia

Author: Elizabeth Dietz

Center for Biology and Society Welcomes New Biology and Society Graduate Student

The Center for Biology and Society is happy to welcome our new cohort of graduate students! Read more about their research and interests below.

Center for Biology and Society Conversation Series

The Center for Biology and Society kicked off the Spring 2019 edition of the Conversation Series on January 30.

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