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Liz Barnes, CBS PhD Student is Making Her Mark

Biology and Society graduate student Liz Barnes is making her mark in evolution education research.

Fire is in the News, and so is Dr. Pyne

With the number of wildfires in the news recently, Dr. Steve Pyne has been busy sharing his expertise.

HPS and the Future of Collaborative Work within the Life Sciences

Between April 21st and April 24th, philosophers and historians of science gathered at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, to discuss scholarship at the intersection of the life sciences and history

Alumni Spotlight: Marci Baranski

The Center for Biology and Society recently caught up with Marci Baranski, a 2015 PhD (4E Track) wh

Project Coordinator, Kate MacCord, runs a colocation analysis on old medical journals

Erica O’Neil and Kate MacCord learn to be Digital Humanists

History of medicine and the digital age collide!

Between Conservation and Ecotourism: Marielle Abalo advances her Research in Germany

Marielle Abalo, a first-year Biology and Society PhD student, recently took advantage of a CBS funded conference trip to advance her research

Kelle Dhein receives Ford Foundation Fellowship

Kelle Dhein, a first year PhD student in the Biology & Society program, was recently awarded the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship.

A Real Zootopia? Ben Minteer Examines the Evolution of Zoos

What if it were possible to create a zoo without enclosures, a place where visitors could move freely among the elephants and giraffes? Ben Minteer writes about the Zootopia idea.

Today is Sun Devil Giving Day!

This is your chance to be part of an important tradition and give to the programs, projects and people you care about at ASU. Every donation makes a difference. Donate now!

Embryo Project at Night of the Open Door

Spin the wheel of embryos and model early development with clay!

Hurlbut Contributes to International Debate over Human Gene Editing

In recent months, CBS center faculty affiliate Ben Hurlbut has contributed to an emerging, international debate about human applications of CRISPR/Cas9—a new technique of genetic engineering or “gene editing.”

The Biology Education Research Lab’s Eye on Equity

Active learning is being adopted across undergraduate biology classrooms, but not all students may equally reap the benefits of these practices

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