Stipend and Expectations

Before applying, please review the project website to familiarize yourself with: the subject and course of study, including project requirements and commitments, the institutional and geographical setting of the Institute (Tempe can be hot in the summer!), and information on housing and dining options.


The stipend for this four-week residential Institute is $3,450. This is considered taxable income. 

Arizona State University will provide Insitute materials, supplies, and the occasional snack or meal during receptions. Beyond that, participants are expected to use this stipend to fund their residential out-of-pocket expenditures to attend the Institute, which include but are not limited to: 

  • Travel
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment


Project applicants who accept an offer to participate are expected to remain during the entire period of the program and to participate in its work on a full-time basis. If a participant is obliged through special circumstances to depart before the end of the program, it shall be the recipient institution’s responsibility to see that only a pro rata share of the stipend is received or that the appropriate pro rata share of the stipend is returned if the participant has already received the full stipend. 

Once an applicant has accepted an offer to attend any NEH Summer Program (Seminar, Institute, or Landmark), they may not accept an additional offer or withdraw in order to accept a different offer.

At the end of the Institute, participants are required to submit an anonymous project evaluation.

Participants are expected to comport themselves with grace and kindness, and must comply with the NEH Principles of Civility.