Project Team

Jason robert

Jason Robert, PhD

The Institute Director is Dr. Jason Scott Robert, Dean’s Distinguished (Associate) Professor in the School of Life Sciences (SOLS) at Arizona State University (ASU). Although his tenure-home is in Life Sciences, Jason is a Philosopher of Science and Bioethicist specializing in the justification of ethically, politically, and/or scientifically controversial research in biology and bioengineering. ASU is a remarkably interdisciplinary institution, and Jason is a core member of the Human Dimensions of Biology Faculty Group within SOLS. 

Erica O'Neil

Erica O’Neil, PhD

The Institute's Co-Director, Erica O’Neil, is a Research and Project Manager for the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at ASU, where she manages the research agenda and directs co-creative, participatory action projects across topics of humane technology, responsible AI, and ethical cultures in innovation. She is an historian of science with a decade of experience managing interdisciplinary projects, sustaining university-community partnerships, and translating research for public audiences.