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HPS Repository

The HPS Repository is an open-source, open-access digital repository that seeks to store in a sustainable way the materials that support the digital history and philosophy of science (dHPS) projects at CBS. The HPS Repository is built using the open source DSpace repository application and the open source content management platform Drupal. The HPS repository contains thousands of digitized items in formats ranging from video and audio files to photographs to the graph-products of the DigInG group. Materials in the HPS Repository are available to the public under creative commons license, and storage options will soon be open to HPS-related groups.

Currently, the HPS Repository houses a number of communities that support the digital HPS initiative within CBS. These communities include:

Leuckart Wall Charts: This community contains digitized images of all of the Leuckart wall charts held by the MBL.

MBL History: This community contains materials from the MBL archives that have been digitized. Materials include thousands of photographs, administrative documents, MBL publications, audio interviews, and video interviews. The MBL History community is currently working towards digitizing the correspondence held within the MBL archives, including those of: Viktor Hamburger, John P. Trinkaus, Johannes Holtfreter, and many more.

Embryo Project Encyclopedia: this community contains all of the articles, essays, images, and illustrations that populate the Embryo Project Encyclopedia.

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