PhD Students

PhD Students with Fellowships

Photo of Eboni Anderson

Eboni Andersun 
PhD Student - Mentor:  Jane Maienschein, PhD
Expertise Areas:  

Evolutionary Medicine, Health Disparities, Sexually Transmitted Infections,
Reproductive Health

Photo of Carly Busch

Carly Busch 
PhD Student - Mentor:  Sara Brownell, PhD and Katelyn Cooper, PhD
Expertise Areas:  
Biology Education, Equity and Inclusion
Photo of Tasneem Mohammed
Tasneem Mohammed  
PhD Student - Mentor:  Katelyn Cooper, PhD.
Expertise Areas:   

Physiology, Biology Education

Photo of Erika Nadile
Erika Nadile
PhD Student - Mentor:  James Collins, PhD

Expertise Areas: 
Biology Education

Photo of Va'Trelle Stokely

Va'Trelle Stokely 
PhD Student - Mentor:  James Collins, PhD and Krijn Paaijmans, PhD
Expertise Areas:

Biology, Biology and Society, Ecology, Disease Ecology,
Public Health, Vector Borne Diseases, Vector Control and Prevention

Masters Students

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