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The faculty of the Center for Biology and Society have diverse interests and mentor graduate students in a range of research topics.  These topics include, but are not limited to, Embryo Project, neuroscience and ethics, Carnap Editing project, environmental ethics and ecology, and the social and cultural history of fire.  The Center also runs the ASU-Marine Biological Laboratory Seminar in Woods Hole, MA, that brings together historians, biologists, policy makers, and other prominent researchers to discuss topics in the History and Philosophy of Science.  Be sure to visit our Graduate Pages for graduate student profiles. Also, for a list of graduates with awards go to our Awards and Honors page.  Students interested in Biology and Society can follow one of several paths:

  • MS or PhD in Biology, Concentration in Biology and Society
    • with focus on Bioscience Ethics, Policy, & Law
    • with focus on Ecology, Economics, and Ethics of the Environment (4E)
    • with focus on the History and Philosophy of Science
  • PhD in History and Philosophy of Science
  • PhD in the Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology (Graduate College)

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