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Finding Philosophy in Science Workshop

Finding Philosophy in Science Workshop


April 10-11, 2022


Mirabella at Arizona State University, Private Gathering Room

65 E. University Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281




Vision and Aim

The question of what role philosophy has within science, if any, has grown in prominence. (Laplane et al, 2019 ; PhillinBioMed group) This workshop assumes that including philosophy within science is beneficial for both science and philosophy. Scientists have many commitments about aims and methods, about which inferences are good ones, and about what should be taken as evidence. Such topics are a central focus for philosophers. In particular, this workshop  investigates strategies for finding philosophy in science and for exploring the roles for questions that philosophers address have within the larger enterprise of science. Full flier coming soon! 


Scope and Speakers


The first part of the workshop recognizes a vigorous and varied tradition of locating philosophy within science. The presentations in this part discuss new research about mid-20th century views, collectively providing a useful point of departure for the broader topic of finding philosophy in science.

Chair: TBD


Thomas Uebel, University of Manchester

Alan RichardsonUniversity of British Columbia

Sander VerhaeghTilburg University


The second part of the workshop explores Hasok Chang’s more recent proposal that history and philosophy of science might be thought of as complementary science. A panel with Chang will analyze his proposal and invite meaningful comparisons to those canvassed in the first part of the workshop.

Chair: TBD


Hasok ChangCambridge University

Lucie LaplaneUniversity of Paris - Sorbonne

Kate MacCordMarine Biological Laboratory

Manfred LaubichlerArizona State University


The third part of the workshop surveys various disciplinary approaches aimed at determining what role traditionally philosophic questions and commitments actually have in the ongoing work of scientific communities.

Chair: Susan Fitzpatrick


Jane MaienscheinArizona State University

Steve ElliottArizona State University

James CollinsArizona State University



This workshop will lead to the development of scholarly articles for publication. It will also help ASU prepare for the third annual meeting of the PhilInBioMed International Network



This workshop is organized by Richard Creath and with special thanks to Jane Maienschein and Steve Elliott. It is funded in large part by a grant from the James S. McDonnell Foundation.



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