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Faculty Honors and Awards

The title “President’s Professor” shall be conferred on Arizona State University faculty members who have made substantial contributions to undergraduate education at ASU.  The title is reserved for tenured faculty members whose contributions to the teaching mission of the university are both substantial and distinctive. The awardees are chosen based on a variety of criteria: master of subject matter, enthusiasm and innovation in the learning and teaching process, ability to engage students both within and outside the classroom, ability to inspire independent and original thinking in students and to stimulate students to do creative work, innovation in course and curriculum design, and scholarly contributions.



The title of Regents’ Professor at Arizona State University is reserved for selected members of the faculty who have achieved, and are sustaining, the highest level of
distinction within the national and international community of scholars. The selection criteria were developed by the university according to expectations defined by the Arizona Board of Regents. Regents’ Professors are expected to have a history of sustained and continuing professional accomplishment in research or other creative activity and in teaching or professional service. A candidate for Regents’ Professor should enjoy the kind of national or international recognition that established leadership bestows. The title recognizes the highest academic merit and is conferred upon tenured faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to the mission of the university. The total number of appointments is limited to three percent of the eligible faculty. The title is awarded for life. Regents’ Professors at Arizona State University are called upon to serve as advisors to the president and the provost, to be recognized and to participate in a variety of university ceremonies and activities, and to serve the community beyond the boundaries of their academic disciplines.



The Faculty Achievement Awards are an annual recognition celebrating faculty members’ top intellectual contributions for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion, Excellence in Defining Edge Research and Creative Work, as well as Excellence in Curricular Innovation. (These awards include: Google Award for Diversity and Inclusion, Excellence in Defining Edge Research and Creative Work for Natural Sciences/Math, Excellence in Defining Edge Research and Creative Work for Social Sciences, Excellence in Defining Edge Research and Creative Work for Humanities and Literary Work, Best Professional Application, Best Innovation, Young Investigator, and Excellence in Curricular Innovation).

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