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Technologies of Imagination

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Friday, April 5, 2013 - 08:30
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50 Years Beyond Man and his Future

April 5th, 8:30am-4:00pm, Social Science rm. 109


In 1963 the Ciba foundation published the proceedings of a conference on Man and His Future. The purpose of the conference was to predict the trajectories—biological, social, political and moral-- of the human evolutionary future, and to explore the corollary possibilities for (and imperative of) managing that future through biotechnological control. An expert assessment of the potential of bioscience and technology to shape the human future, Man and His Future was at once an appraisal of the aims, aspirations and moral imaginations appropriate to such an undertaking. This workshop marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Man and His Future. Its project is to reflect upon on the ways of imagining futures—from the routines of risk governance to the politics of science policymaking, and from the formalized discourses of law and bioethics to the imaginaries that underlie public controversy— that have come to figure in governance of science and technology in the last half-century.


Click here to access the original text of Man and His Future.

Welcome and Introduction
Ben Hurlbut (School of Life Sciences, ASU)

Panel 1: The Ethics of Imagination
Nathan Crowe (Center for Biology and Society, ASU) “Purposefully Provocative: Joshua Lederberg, Cloning, and the Future”
Nasser Zakariya (NYU) “Planned Evolution: Huxley and Haldane's Contributions to Man and His Future”
John Evans (Sociology, UCSD) "The Social Legacy of 'Man and His Future"
Moderator: Jenny Brian (Barrett the Honors College, ASU)

Coffee Break

Panel 2: Technological Futures and the Public Imagination
Gregg Zachary (Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes, ASU) “From 1963 to 2063: Humanity, Hope and the Future of Science”
Marcy Darnovsky (Center for Genetics and Society) “The Biopolitical Imagination: Technological Troubles and Social Issues”
Brice Laurent (Center for the Sociology of Innovation, Mines ParisTech) “Alternative imaginations. Resisting the integration of publics in science?”
Moderator: Edward Finn (Center for Science and the Imagination, ASU)


Panel 3: Imagining Sustainable Futures
Kyoko Sato (Science, Technology and Society, Stanford) “Imagining Futures of Food: Technology, the Environment, and Identity”
Gaymon Bennett (Center for Biological Futures, Fred Hutchison) "An Unsustainable Virtue: Synthetic Biology in Four Figures”
Clark Miller (Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes, ASU) “Huxley's Folly: Science and Engineering are the Problem, not the Solution, to a Sustainable Human Future”
Moderator: Rolf Halden (Biodesign, ASU)

David Guston (Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes, ASU)
Moderator: Ben Hurlbut (School of Life Sciences, ASU)

Workshop Abstract


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