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ASU Welcomes Leuphana Students

The Arizona portion of the Global Classroom starts September 16th
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Monday, September 16, 2013 - 11:30 to Saturday, September 28, 2013 - 13:30
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September 18 -- Sustainability Tour of Phoenix

The objective of this field trip is to expose LUL and ASU students to a variety of urban sustainability challenges and solutions on-site, namely, in different urban environments (Gateway District vs. Downtown Phoenix). The trip focuses on land use, housing, and transportation issues. Introduction and meetings provide insights into urban development projects, including Energize Phoenix, Reinvent Phoenix, Discovery Triangle, MPHC site development, etc. Walking and riding the light rail familiarizes students with particular modes of transportation and offers additional opportunities for discussion and reflection. We provide background information throughout the trip. The group meets and has the opportunity to discuss with experts and professionals the challenges and solutions experienced during the trip.


September 16 -- They are here!

Arizona State University welcomed 17 undergraduate students from Leuphana University in Germany. They are beginning a 2 week visit researching the question, "Sustainable Cities; A contradiction in terms?"  alongside students from ASU. 

A welcome lunch featuring Dean Robert Page, CLAS, Dean Chris Boone, School of Sustainabilty, and Dr. Manfred Laubichler of the Center for Biology and Society took place today. It was the first chance for the student participants to meet face to face!  Stay tuned for pictures and more updates!

Visit Blog; Ten Days Out

Final Countdown in the Global Classroom:

Leuphana University (Germany) is coming to ASU!!!

Busy days in the Center for Biology and Society! The team of the Global Classroom, a partnership between ASU and Leuphana University in Germany, are getting ready for the arrival of 18 students and 4 instructors from Leuphana University.  

Our German guests will be in Arizona from September 14 through September 29. After months of working together at a distance, the whole Global Classroom contingent is going to be in the same place working again on the topic: “Sustainable Cities: A contradiction in terms?” In the Center for Biology and Society, we are all looking forward to this event!  

In Spring 2013 we have successfully concluded the first semester of the Global Classroom. Students and instructors on both sides of the Ocean have explored the research and claims of urbanists, philosophers, and sustainability scientists as we actively explored the cities around us. We produced mental maps; videos and audio recordings from transect walks in the city. We also endowed the students with essential skills to effectively work in teams.

During the Leuphana visit in the coming weeks, teams of students and instructors from both universities will get started on the development of their final projects. The trans-Atlantic teams will work on these projects for the following two semesters until the end of Spring 2014, when the ASU students and instructors will fly to Germany to present the results of their work of the last three semesters. During the September visit, the teams will develop a Research Prospectus that will drive their research in the semesters to come. Instructors and students will also hone their team building skills in a trans-Atlantic context.

However, work will not be everything during the visit. Instructors and students will continue their exploration of the Phoenix metropolitan area with trips to important Sustainability Projects, visits to Taliesin West, the Heard Museum, the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Gardens. The teams will also have a chance to get in touch with the Downtown Phoenix art community as well as with its role in the history of the revitalization of downtown. We will also make a trip to northern Arizona. We will spend one day working in Arcosanti, a perfect setting for scholars thinking about cities in relation to their sustainability, and then drive to Flagstaff to meet with representatives from the local Hopi community and visit the Wupatki national monument. As part of the program, ASU students will also organize four social events to get to know and share quality time with their colleagues from Leuphana. Potlucks, scavenger hunts and game nights are already on the agenda.

A grant from Mercator Foundation and substantial help from the College of LIberal Arts and Sciences' Dean Robert Page, the School of Life Science, the Center for Biology and Society, Barrett the Honors College and The School of Sustainability will make the visit possible! Thanks All!

Global Classroom; An Explanation

Global sustainability challenges require global solutions. Yet most forms of action occur at the local level. Local level impacts propagate through our interconnected and interdependent world to the global level. Understanding local and global contexts, as well as their interconnectedness is thus critical to addressing sustainability challenges.

The Global Classroom is a collaboration of Leuphana University Lüneburg and Arizona State University, funded by Stiftung Mercator. It is an experiment that brings together students from different cultures in a collaborative, digitally facilitated transdisciplinary learning environment. Over the course of four semesters and six modules within the “Komplementärstudium”, the complementary studies program, they will work in small teams under the supervision of prominent faculty members from both universities. Students will apply problem based learning methods to real life issues in sustainability and science in culture. The curriculum emphasizes research from the beginning and, taking advantage of new media and publication venues, students will add to the knowledge base in their fields in form of peer-reviewed and edited publications, presentations and virtual exhibits.

We look forward to welcoming our German counterparts for an intense two weeks of team work!



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