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Edward Abbey in Grand Gulch, Utah, 1988.  Photo by Mark Klett.

Environmental Ethics and Conservation Studies

Ecological Ethics

Investigation of the ethical context of decision-making in ecological research and biodiversity management, especially under conditions of rapid environmental change. Supported by the National Science Foundation.

The Ark and Beyond: The Evolution of Zoo and Aquarium Conservation

Interdisciplinary inquiry into the development of a conservation mission and ethic within modern zoological institutions.  Supported by the National Science Foundation.

Extinction – Ethics, History, Culture

An exploration of the historical, scientific, ethical and cultural dimensions of species extinction, focusing on changing notions of environmental responsibility and ecological risk in an increasingly human-driven world.

Intellectual Roots of Conservation and Environmentalism

Exploration of the philosophical and historical foundations of conservation/environmentalism, including the idea of wilderness in history, philosophy, and visual culture.

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