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Awards and Honors

Graduates 2018

  • Alexis Abboud has been awarded the GSPA Teaching Excellence Award and the Faculty Women's Associations Distinguished Graduate Student Award.
  • Carolina Abboud has been awarded the Graduate & Professional Student Association Teaching Excellence Award.
  • Kenneth Aiello has been awarded as a Santa Fe Institute Fellow.
  • Elizabeth Barnes has been awarded as a Faculty Women's Associations Distinguished Graduate Student.
  • Ashley Camhi has been awarded as a Cox Conversation Hero Finalist.
  • Ryan Davila has been awarded the GSPA Research Award, and the SoLS RTI Graduate Student Supprot Grant.
  • Kelle Dhein has been awarded the College of Liberal Arts and Science Graduate Excellence Award.
  • Logan Gin has been awarded the Ntaional Science Foundation (NSF), Graduate Research Fellowship, the SU Graduate & Professional Student Association (GSPA) Travel Award, and the ASU Graduate Recruitment Award.
  • Anna Guerrero have been awarded the Arizona State University Moeur Award.
  • Theresa Marie Lorenzo has been awarded the Global Development Research Program.
  • Paige Madison has been awarded the John Templeton Foundation Research Grant, the Graduate Student Excellence Award, the School of Life Sciences Conference Travel Grant, and the Fullbright Award.
  • Christian Ross has been awarded the Graduate Research Fellowship Program from the National Science Foundation.
  • Michelle Sullivan has been awarded as a CLAS Student Leader.
  • Samantha Thompson has been awarded the Huntington Library San Marino CA Dibner Program in the History of Science Short-Term Fellowship, the American Institute of Physics College Park, MD Oral History Fellow, the Arizona State University School of Life Sciences Graduate Ambassador Fellowship, and the Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduate Excellence Award.
  • Theora Tiffney has been awarded the Duke University Program for Global Policy and Governance Fewwloship, the RTI Training Grant, and the ASU School of Life Sciences Travel Award.
  • Jerica Vie has been awarded the Center for Biology and Society Unusual Student Project Award, and the GSPA Award.

Undergraduates 2018

  • Alysse Blight was awarded the Student of the Year Award in Biology and Society.
  • Alexis Darby was awarded the Biology and Society Unusual Student Project Award.
  • Rainey Horwitz was awarded the Biology and Society Unusual Student Project Award.
  • Jasmine Truong was awarded the Dean's Metal for the School of Life Sciences.

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